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# 1 Another "Who are you?" thread
04-29-2013, 02:19 PM
My dear: Breens, Cardassians, Federatives, Jem'Hadars, Klingons, Remans, and Romulans,

Please, let me offer my greetings from Romania's Bucharest, first of all. This is a great game!
Now, I know that this may be the potentially 1,000-th such thread at "Ten Forward", but I thought to myself that it wouldn't hurt to make a new one, so that people around the world may start introducing themselves here the *proper* way, so to speak.
Who am I... Uhm, I'm a 30 years-old "Trekkian" who plays for his 7 years-old niece and, let's be honest, for himself, as well. And, so far, I found this game quite... enthusiasm-provoking. Of course, there are occasional - and repeated... - crashes, lags, non-functionalities and such, but it's an impressive game, nonetheless.

P.S. As: Irini-Serena (Federation / Starfleet) and Irhana de Orionis (Klingon Empire / KDF) on the Holodeck. Also, as Silviu (Federation / Starfleet) on the Tribble.

With friendship,

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