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04-29-2013, 01:34 PM
I also played manhunt, and I could transwarp there easily, in an effort to get the up a level and skip over neutral no more, but I can't drop neutral no more it seems. So doubally stuck.

Also, why am I able to play Manhunt, which is a KDF mission? I mean yeah, allies and such, but all my bridge officers turn KDF and when my ship turns up to fire at the guards a the end, its a Klingon Bird of Brey. I mean, what the frak?

Yeah, I know this isn't a finished missions, but really if you're going to allow Romulan's to play it, you shouldn't put a klingon ship up in the sky. Also, I played this mission on a Klingon lvl 50 character and got the same bird of prey in the sky when my character has a destroyer. Yes, the Bird of Prey looks very cool and all, but if its not the characters ship, maybe it would be best to leave it out. Maybe some sort of if then in the code, like:

If Character ship = KDF BoP
Show KDF BoP firing on ground and in sky.
If not
Show photon torpedo being fired from orbit and no ship in sky.

Simple, right?
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