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04-29-2013, 04:17 PM
OK I use a Kumari Khyzon Escort
My setup is
3X dual heavy plasma cannons
romulan hyper plasma torp (replaced the omega plasma one)
Kumari Phaserwing cannon
Borg cutting beam
Plasma turret XII

Mk XI assimilated engines, deflector, and shields

engineering: Neutronium, Wing Cannon
Science: tachyon induction relay, assimilated module, field generator, zero point energy conduit
tac: pre fire chamber, 2X plasma infusers, Phaser dispersal array

I'm a tac officer

My main question is I just hit Tier 5 with Task force Omega, and was wondering which MK XII set I should get? Is the Maco Adapted set better then the Borg assimilated set?

I was looking at the set bonuses and noted the 3-piece looked kinda lack luster (IMO)

Also would I be better to run 3X plasma infusers instead of the pre-fire chamber?