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04-29-2013, 03:19 PM
Ok, I got to test for most of last week....

First, very nice jobs on all the animations. The colony was beautiful.
Also, and this is my favorite so far, when Romulan ships get destroyed, the implode into a singularity... that was simply fabulous.

Now, I did notice some typos in the dialogue on the colony. Nothing really earth shattering, just some wrong references, like calling the master of a Romulan warship a captain instead of commander. Things like that.

The character generator, was nice, but the interface seems a little dark, much darker to the tailor, and a number of the pre-setup options do not either are not showing correctly on the character model, or appear to be a number that look the same.

The tailor, was nice and easy to use, but i couldn't change the costumes of my bridge officers, and I also noticed that after purchasing a costume change, I had to save it. Is this going to be standard for all factions?

I read that some people are reporting that the chat window keeps disappearing... well I'm having the complete opposite affect. I play with the chat window minimized, constantly. Every time I transitioned to a new map, or had a NPC (minus BOFFs) dialogue, the chat windows pops back up.

Got to I think level 10 or so, and didn't have a chance to test DOFFs. But something else I rather liked... was how we got our BOFFs. Instead of just getting a message that someone new was ready to join the crew, you go to interact with them during the mission. And they had some story behind them.