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No one has to appreciate anything at all. No one has to watch the new movies. Trek exists in whatever form a fan chooses it to take. Some find it in re-watching the old episodes and movies, some find it in reading the novels, some find it in the game, some find it in dressingup like their favorite character... None are exclusive, and none are wrong...
True. But that's a two-way street. JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film is Star Trek. It says it in the title. It has two Spocks in it. It has Captain Kirk in it. It has the Enterprise in it. Absolutely the people who derive pleasure from Star Trek just by reading the novels are getting what they want out of the Star Trek experience. But, the folks who aggressively post "Star Trek 2009 is NOT Star Trek" are wrong. It is. And will always be a part of the Star Trek experience. Just like the Animated Series was. Or Enterprise. Or really anything else a group of fans may not "like" but still carries the trademark on it.