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04-29-2013, 05:04 PM
I've posted an entry for LC #18: "The Academy Days" about a young Gorn named Sway. This is easily the most difficult story I've ever tried to write. It will be tough to read; the piece involves wanton violence and cruelty towards young people. However, Sway's story is an important part of my overall arc and I believe that it needs to be told.

It is important to note that the Gorn children mature at a rate of about 3/4ths that of Humans; i.e. a 16-year-old Gorn is the equivalent of a Human 12-year-old. (See my Introduction to the Gorn thread)

"The Victim"

Starring (in order of appearance):
Ryan Lee as the voice of Sway (Gorn)
Maggie Elizabeth Jones as the voice of young Srenor (Selay)
Jamie Lee Curtis as the voice of R'kssathln (Gorn, Sway's mother)
Rutger Hauer as the voice of Royrork (Gorn, Sway's father)
Kim Coates as Cpt. V'rengh (Klingon, CO of IKS HeH'gonDoq)
Gonzalo Menendez as Warrior Talor (Klingon, officer on IKS HeH'gonDoq)
Sonja Sohn as Lt. T'nemen (Klingon, officer on IKS HeH'gonDoq)
Laura Dern as the voice of Lt. S'stas (Gorn, Klingon Academy assignment officer)
Michael Ironside as MSgt. "Reject" Rejets (Klingon, Academy drill sergeant)
Channing Tatum as Bekk "Junk" J'ngav (Klingon)
T.J. Storm as Bekk "Maggot" Magh'nt (Klingon)
Emerson Wong as Bekk "Sucker" Sechukr (Orion)
Arnold Chon as Bekk "Crybaby" Ciraybe (Orion)
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Bekk Aleida (Orion)
Meagan Tandy as Bekk Naja (Klingon)
Chi McBride as Master-at-Arms Torgo (Klingon)
Alex Gonzalez as Bekk "Drip" Tidrip (Nausicaan)
Adam Baldwin as the voice of S'kaa (Gorn)
Mary-Kate Olsen as the voice of older Srenor (Selay)
Rachel Weisz as the voice of Medic H'rassa (Ferasan)
Mitch Pileggi as Dr. Prongo (Orion)
Jaimie Alexander as Orion girl with ice cream
And Philip Seymour Hoffman as the voice of Ssharki

"Of my friend I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... Human."

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