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# 2074 My niece's starships ^_^
04-29-2013, 04:14 PM
Hello, ya'll!

Well, let me tell you that most of my starships were named after my niece. :-P She's 7 and she enjoys this 'creaky' game as much as I do. :-) So, we started-off with the "Miranda" Escort and we named 'her' as... Actually, I think that 'she' had 'her' own name; we didn't rename 'her' at all! O.o Next, we had that "Excelsior"-class hybrid 'wessel' and we named 'her'... "Serena". Then, we had a beaut of an "Horizon"-class hybridized as "Serena - Brava". Then, an "Ambassador"-class 'bucket' which was named, of course,... "Serena - Brava II". Now, on the other hand, we have a beaut of a "Intrepid"-class hybrid and 'her' name is "Silvestra-Irinia"! As for my own 'shippy', on Tribble, 'her' name is "Virgonia" because, well,... I'm Virgo. Oh, oh! And, as for the KDF is concerned, my niece plays as an Orion Engineer and her ship is called "SerNa".