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04-29-2013, 05:28 PM
Two new records were set today:

CSE with 12:46, utilizing a 3-2 strategy:
DPS Left Side (correct for The Hulk and Bavra):
DPS Right Side (correct for John, Porch Song and Halphas):

For anyone wondering why I use beams in this: It was so i could grab aggro from everything and Hulk wouldn't have to mind about drawing aggro since my ship is like 10 times as tanky as his. Before that, his death was nearly inevitable.

ISE with 12:25, utilizing a 4-1 strategy:
DPS: --> note that The Hulk was alone on the right side and probably out of range, so his real DPS are higher than this.

As you can see, overall DPS are quite mediocre numbers actually of course part to out of range issues with the combat log, but overall, strategy seems more important than sheer DPS.

We spent quite some time on the strategy and execution of those, and while there is definatly room for improvent, and at least CSE is definatly doable with over 13, I think it will be quite slow going from here (decreasing runtimes 1 second at a time etc). Let tha battles begin!

EDIT: I just read through the threat and noticed that while the current KASE record is mentioned (by Hulk as "we weren't even trying") but not linked yet, here is the video for that too. Originally that run was supposed to be a demonstration for my one-handed voice control scheme. So yeah, we got KASE record while I was playing one-handed^^

KASE with 12:37, utilizing 3-2 strategy, playing one-handed^^
STO Voice Control Tutorial Video: WATCH
ELITE STF SPEED RECORDS (time on optional remaining):
S07: KASE: 12:54 | CSE: 13:20 | ISE: 12:38 All held personally, my POV
LOR: KASE: 13:19 | CSE: 13:47 | ISE: 13:34 None held personally, other player's POV
S08: coming soon

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