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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
Do these calculations include the cost of Strange Alien Artifacts, or are you getting those via other means?
Expenses of infusing own artifacts 1830* 1.4 million: 2,562,000,000 ec
At the of post I've made 1830 powered artifacts. Though the price changed as strange arts went down or up and particle traces going down in price then up I've never seen it more than 1.4 million to purchase strange artifacts and particle traces to infuse them. That means to make 1 powered artifact costs less than 1.4 million. So I just use that has the high expense of 1.4 million per powered artifact. In reality the actual price goes from lowest I've seen of 880k to get 1 artifact at 500k and then 380k for 10 particle traces TO 1.39 million the highest I've paid to get a artifact and power it.

In reality then I have had expenses less than what stated. But as the price seems to change up and down I decided to put the highest cost. Maybe it only cost me 2.1 billion ec to make 1830, but too lazy to keep that much track of expenses so did the highest number.

Estimated profits from purples only: 3,164,760,000
So that profit doesn't include what I got from blues or greens.
To get estimated profits from purples I watched the exchange and averaged the lowest amount a purple could get and put that for my base line. Example I've seen purple mk 12 sensor probes for 40k ec, but at other times I've seen them for 480k ec so I put 30k ec for my bare minimum. I did this with all the purples and out of the 1830 I've had 475 purples and at minimum prices earned me 3,164,760,000 ec. So I most likely made a lot more ec than stated from purple consoles.

Blues and greens prices on exchange change so much from going to 110k ec one day for a green to what you can get from a vendor so I haven't bothered tracking blues or greens ec income like I've done with purples. There are blues that are worth a lot like neutronium, phaser relay, etc..

If I had the patience to actually do that much detailed math I would have an almost exact income from consoles. I may have made 3.5-5 billion ec from all the consoles I've made since February.

I have 8 toons crafting and they make anywhere between 16-32 consoles a day. Sometimes more if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep. We want this help build support!