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04-29-2013, 05:46 PM
Federation Science - Chel Gret - U.S.S. Blizzard. Reason is it was the cheesiest cold type name I could think of.

Federation Engineer - Odyssy Class - U.S.S. Gracie. Because the ship is a whale so I figured why not name it after a Trek whale.

Federation Tactical - Defiant Class - U.S.S. Obfuscate. It can cloak.

KDF Science - Kar'Fi Carrier - I.K.S. Molag Bal. Named for one of the daedric princes in the Elder Scroll series.

KDF Engineer - Kar'Fi Carrier - I.K.S. Soul Flayer. Just seemed to suit a Fek'ihri ship.

KDF Tactical - Peghqu' Heavy Destroyer - I.K.S. Uramha. Didn't care about naming this ship so it was a random one.

aaaand I just realized this was a necro-post, my apologize for posting. Just a heads up traveler82 resurrecting posts is not technically allowed.
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