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Originally Posted by aveimperator View Post
News flash, people:

Star Trek is about Starfleet! Always has been! Every series! TOS! TNG! Voyager! Enterprise! DS9! Every single one! It's about Starfleet! This double-faction thing was a "WoW did it so we have to too!" symptom.

Now, I'm all for the KDF being developed up, I really am. But FFS people, get it through your heads that the Star Trek spotlight is, and always has been, on STARFLEET captains. Almost every single Season that's come out has included a lot of Klingon updates and every time something new is added to the game, it's available to everyone, so seriously, WHAT is your PROBLEM? Specifically. I really would like to know. Your ships are better. You have just as many ships, probably more, actually, with all the Gorn/Orion/Naussican warships. Marauding > Diplomacy. Only thing that *I* noticed in my experience leveling up a KDF character was that, yes, there are fewer PVE missions, but with all the Featured Series available to everyone, it doesn't matter, because you hit VA long before you finish them all.
And KEEPING it focused on the Starfleet good-guys is boring as sh*t. Seriously. It may have worked for the show, because they needed to have 'relate-able' cast members. . .but it's terribly limiting for an MMO or any kind of game format.

Ships are better? Not always. There are tradeoffs. Federation has their strengths, KDF has their own. More ships? Hahaha. . .maybe if you consider the entire spectrum from Tier 1 to Tier 5.5. Federation have a LOT more variety in terms of end-game ships (which, when it comes to ship variety, matters more). Marauding > Diplomacy? I dunno, don't really care for that stuff.

Yes, we have fewer PVE missions. You may not care, since you're obviously the type of player who both rushes blindly through a game without sampling all the creative content. . .but plenty of KDF players care. Not to mention that the 'Featured Series' and other cross-faction content is mostly written from a Federation standpoint. Hardly qualifies as cross-faction in terms of perspective.