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04-29-2013, 06:11 PM
Yes, we have fewer PVE missions. You may not care, since you're obviously the type of player who both rushes blindly through a game without sampling all the creative content. . .
Sorry, what? I've been around since Beta and played every single friggin' mission in the game with the exception of Enter the Hive (Ground) and frequently got yelled at by teammates because I actually took the time to READ the mission briefing and all the pop-ups because I cared about the story and wanted to know what was going on. So don't go making assumptions about me as a person or player without any basis whatsoever, you just make yourself look like an ignorant asshat.

Now, I never said STO should STAY focused on Starfleet, I just pointed out that when people hear "Star Trek" they think "Starfleet," and KDF players need to accept that. You're an "add-on" faction. Get used to it. However, I don't agree that STO IS focused on Starfleet, nor has it been since...Season 1, really. Every major update has included either universal content or strictly KDF content. I referenced that in a previous post, but Bitemepwi buried it under trolling, ignoring the points.

[quote]...with the clear sucking up to Federation fanboys who have lots of money.[quote]

See top comment about "Star Trek = Starfleet" to almost anyone who hears it. Secondly, do KDF players not have money? Third, like any game, this is a business. No money from KDF = no toys for KDF. Simple business practice. Yes, damn them for not catering to a minority that doesn't pay for anything. They must not be liberals.

As for your ships, I continue to maintain that, pound for pound, KDF has better ships. For Feds, this is Escorts Online, but all KDF ships are viable, though Raptors aren't very popular, as I understand it. So perhaps Feds have more ships in number, but KDF has more ships that aren't a joke and they're always better than the Fed counterpart. KDF started with a carrier (Vo'Quv), then got the Kar'Fi, which is simply amazing. Feds eventually got the Atrox...which is barely on par with the Vo'Quv and is outclassed by the Kar'Fi. Lockbox/Lobi ships don't enter into this because they're available to both factions.

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