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“Red Alert! Command staff report to the Bridge!”

Sal’Ar Rei was on the Bridge already, since this was still his scheduled watch. Genis was there as well, working with Narse on the weapon patterns that might be needed.

Andrea arrived first, having called the alert, wearing her uniform and wet hair in a ponytail. Vernes, Selan, and Allen arrived shortly thereafter.


“No time to explain. Engineering, prepare a static transwarp bubble on my mark. Selan, assist Mr. Skagg on sensors, the cloak will not work where we are going. Narse, stay at the helm. Vernes, take weapons and stand by.” Everyone rushed to their task as Andrea pulled up a display screen out of mid-air and instructed the computer to lock her right index finger’s location on the image to the weapon console’s targeting system.

“Green, I’ll be handling targeting locations, you just be sure to put as much firepower as I ask into each location.”

“Yes Ma’am, if I may ask?”

“Soon. Did you and Sal’Ar finish those stress-point analyses from the Voyager mission?”

“Yes Ma’am. Locked as pattern Omega.”

The Captain then addressed the entire ship. “I have new information. First, our window of opportunity is fast closing; the enemy knows we are here, just not exactly where. Second, I know where and how to penetrate the transwarp conduit, and possibly how to disable our adversary. Training is over. Whether you serve the Founders or Starfleet, know that now is our hour.”

“We are dead.” Said Genis as he began the pre-combat ritual.

Andrea looked into the night, the calm that hid what was about to come. When Genis finished his ritual, Andrea spoke to the crew:

“In blackness silent,
We set our hearts,
To actions violent,
As is our part.

When dawn arrives,
Our fates are set,
Strike silent knives,
All monsters met.”

“Mr. Narse, take us in.” The Granameir seemed to hit an invisible wall and pass through into the quantum tunnel that was a Transwarp conduit. Dark green clouds formed all around the tunnel, and a support ring for the conduit could be seen far in the distance.

“Captain, support structure in sight. No enemy ships yet sighted.” Allen rattled off the information as Selan worked at constantly recalibrating the sensors in the strange subspace tunnel.

“Green, lock structure and Fire pattern Omega as we pass. Helm, full ahead.” The Granameir shot down the tunnel as three turrets popped out, two from the centerline engine, and one from under the belly. As the Granameir was passing the gigantic support structure the turrets spun wildly, and each turret produced four quantum torpedoes. The twelve white spheres smashed into the structure at joints both seen and deduced, and the structure began to fold on itself as the tunnel behind them collapsed.

The Granameir flew quickly down the corridor, a wash of subspace in their wake. A second support was targeted and destroyed, the other-dimensional violence behind them increasing with each new destruction.

Andrea was hearing far more than anyone else. There were whispers at every structure telling her she was alone, that she would not succeed, and where the weak spots were in each structure. As they approached the third support, Dark cubes could be seen coming at them from the other direction, while behind the Granameir a subspace tidal wave pursued, just nipping at the rear shields enough to remind the dragon what was behind her.

She heard other whispers. “Helm, at the next structure head 125 by 30.”

“Captain,” Sal’Ar Rei whispered, “Into the vortex wall?”

“Trust the decision of the Founders, Sal’Ar. Green…” Andrea adjusted her own viewscreen and targeted the location of the lead cube. “Pulse Cannons, fire!” Even as the blue blasts of power tore into the lead cube Andrea was already helping Vernes to target the up-coming support.

The blasts of phased Polaron energy struck in the upper leading corner of the lead Cube. While it did not seem to do much structural damage, the Cube slowed considerably, green flashes playing across the hull of the monolithic ship.

As the Granameir reached the pylon, the veiwscreen showed that the conduit forked at exactly the angle Andrea had commanded the ship to go. Even the inertial dampeners at full strength could not negate the force of the turn as everyone struggled to remain at their stations as the ship made the tight turn.

As the ship passed by the turrets popped out once again and launched a dozen torpedoes behind, sending the structure into collapse. As the lead Cube reached the Junction it was slammed by the subspace wake the Granameir was leading, and disappeared in the maelstrom.

The Conduit was now splitting back and forth in near impossible directions as Narse strained to keep up with Andrea’s orders and dozen after dozen tiny white suns slammed into support structures and sent everything behind them into a multi-colored explosion that followed them down the corridor with ever-increasing speed.

“All torpedoes expended.” Vernes reported.

“Narse,” Andrea moved up so she was over his shoulder, “no more coordinates, these next turns will be too fast. Earn your life.”

As the turns came faster Andrea barely had time to shout simple commands. “Left! Right! Down! Down…Up!” The ship took the upper conduit just as a Cube passed below them going in the opposite direction, and slamming full force into the sub-space storm that followed the Granameir.

The Dragon turned and arched this way and that as she barely kept in front of the unnatural storm that was beginning to again lick at her tail.

“Faster. Faster…” Sal’Ar was saying in a low voice as the blood rushed from his face.

“This is as, ‘Faster,’ as we go.” Narse mumbled as the rear of the ship was overtaken.

“Shields are… lost first layer, second layer.” Allen was counting down too quickly as Andrea strained to hear a way out.

“Narse, Transwarp in 3.. 2..”

The ship lurched as it was taken fully by the sub-space storm surge and rocketed forward.


In the utter blackness between major star clusters an explosion of impossible color violently raged. Through the kaleidoscope explosion shot a small ship, badly burned and scarred.

Sal’Ar Rei sat in the second’s chair, bone-white hands gripped tightly on the arms. All the color had drained from everywhere visible. “I… need to smoke something.”