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04-29-2013, 06:56 PM
Whew - okay, I'm back home with a computer and everything again! Now, to at least get a few comments in...

@sanders233: Your stories always make me so curious about what's waiting in the game, since you incorporate so many of the later missions into them. Very well done - the way K'Jetsk's family found itself gradually enslaved couldn't help but remind me of World War 2 and the start of the Holocaust. And on a lighter note, I'd love to hear the misadventures of Frank Grimes in the 25th century...

@cmdrscarlet: An intriguing story, and one that feels very "Romulan" with its brooding protagonist and his scorn for other cultural philosophies. And I had to smile a little at this line: "If the cursed Vulcans had one thing right, it was their control of emotions could help keep a bar tab from getting bigger."

@marcusdkane: It's interesting to read such a casually romantic tale set against such an apocalyptic premise: planets come and go, but life goes on, people meet people and the ladies still love a good tattoo artist. It was also fun how the story only gradually revealed that he is, in fact, a tattoo artist, lending more and more a sense of mystery to what's being talked about. Koi sleeves? Scripts on the spine? Well done!

@superhombre: That was a very creepy story. Very short and concisely told, and the whole thing sent a chill down my spine. Is this the start of a larger story, or just a brief glimpse at the Tal Shiar and how they operate? Either way it works well; I'm going to be locking my door doubly tight to make sure no strange Romulan officers pop up with job offers I can't refuse...

I'll look forward to hopefully getting a few more in tomorrow. Great jobs so far!