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04-29-2013, 07:42 PM
I expect there's heaps of truth in this thread, particularly energy drain abilities seem to fall short of incapacitating an enemy. Unless there is something overlooked. Maybe nothing is being overlooked.

In the case of Gravity Well, the issue is stuff moving away. Graviton Pulse is a good solution mentioned here, albeit with a long cool down. Another option is Eject Warp Plasma. It holds, it does hull damage. It requires a Lieutenant Commander Engineer to deploy it, but it can be done. Another option is Photonic Shockwave. It knocks things out of the Well, but they quickly float back in while stunned, and the Shockwave may push critters into the well more often than not if you have timing.

Of course, all of this requires you to get to point blank range with your enemy. That's exciting, right? Excepting swarms of Borg. You can only purge so many tractor beams.

I guess I really need to generate DPS numbers before I'll convince anyone, and there's nearly always one or two Escorts who beat me in Starbase 24. I am hoping Elite goodies will allow me to swap an Emitter Array for yet another Particle Generator to be properly dangerous. Science can do pretty well, although I'm not sure we have many options that work. I've only tried one. They definitely used to be easier to find.