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04-29-2013, 07:53 PM
I blame the Crystalline Catastrophe for my low level of participation this round. Tomorrow I'll finally be done with that...

@ capnmanx - that was a nice short entry and very open-ended.

@ cmdrscarlet- I also enjoyed your entry. It would have been hilarious if Kovem walked out of the bar on a mission...and then bumped into the doorframe, lost his balance, and made a fool of himself.

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@superhombre: That was a very creepy story. Very short and concisely told, and the whole thing sent a chill down my spine. Is this the start of a larger story, or just a brief glimpse at the Tal Shiar and how they operate? Either way it works well; I'm going to be locking my door doubly tight to make sure no strange Romulan officers pop up with job offers I can't refuse...
Originally I decided to abstain from the Romulan storyline. Instead I wanted to write a short piece in honor of my Federation chief engineer. Eventually I realized that I'd buried him in too many technicalities, so I retreated to my tried and true story prompt - how can I make a character suffer? That's how I ended up with this one.

Now I have three problems. I need to figure out who is pulling the strings in Nahash's life, who tried to kill my Federation captain, Everitt Carter, and whether or not Carter will survive. I will continue the Romulan story if/when I come up with a suitable follow-on entry.

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