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04-29-2013, 11:19 PM
Hmm. I'm noticing frankly that there is a lot of negativity here with newbies. A lot of people here have apparently run into noobs who won't listen to directions, or worse, trolls that deliberately do exactly what you DON'T want them to do. In reaction it seems some of you are preaching the idea that it's okay to completely deny any information to the newbies as to what they're doing wrong.

It's not unusual for me to get into an stf and have a noob argue with me that he knows what he's doing while doing the exact thing I told him he should not, so we lose the optional. It's also becoming a fairly regular thing for me to join an instance and see someone deliberately doing things incorrectly just because they know we hate it.

When the opportunity presents itself however, I try to take a few minutes out of my life to explain to these people what they're doing wrong, and how they can succeed next time. Certainly it doesn't help win an already lost optional - but there is a very good chance that I will wind up having to play with some of them again in the future.

It's only to my benefit if they know how to do the stf correctly the next time I have to play with them.

Yes, I do advocate reading about stfs before jumping in the deep end... However these newbies obviously haven't done so. They may not even know where to go for said information. It is NOT okay to simply ignore the situation and blame them just because they don't know what they're supposed to be doing.