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04-30-2013, 03:57 AM
i noticed quite a few romulan ship changes, also all the placeholders are gone except the tier 2 Dhael, and theres fleet ships now too.

T'varo retrofit

its an escort, full blown escort. with something resembling the armatage station setup, turns beter then the defiant, and comes with a battle cloak. all that is pretty much fine. maybe a bit on the powerful side, but ok. what tips it over into absurd territory is the enhanced battle cloak, what the brel has, and what it pays dearly for in hitpoints. the turn rate advantage and universal stations are not a balance against this ship. its already got a desirable tactical ship station setup, and it turns as well as it could ever want already. the brel is a unique thing, and this romulan ship is completely better in every way. this ship should not have enhanced battle cloak, only the brel should. the fleet version of this ship has 5 tactical consoles, this REALLY should not be allowed to have enhanced battle cloak.

Dhealn retrofit

another escort with good 16 turn. its got a destroyer like station setup thats similar to the jem hadar heavy or vet ship. it can go pretty heavy sci or eng or tac, if i dont buy the legacy pack i think my retrofit tocken will go to this. but a very odd change happened to it, it lost a tac console and now has a 3/3/3 console setup. this isnt corrected by the fleet version ether, that has a 4th eng console. this is terribly baffling honestly. an escort without 4 tac consoles, how about a sci ship with 3 sci consoles, or a cruiser with 3 eng consoles? that doesn't exist anywhere else. the fleet versions should really have that 4th tac console back.

if the romulan vet ship has the same station setup as the other 2 vet ships, its going to have basically this ships station setup, and the t'varo already has a LTC eng. that seems a bit redundant, and steps on some toes IMO. this ship should instead be the defacto romulan sci ship at end game, but not a traditional sci ship. a sci ship built on top of an escort. this station setup

COM sci
LTC tac

ENS eng

i wouldn't change anything else. still have 7 weapons, DHC use, 16 turn, 3/3/3 consoles, leave that all in place. no subsystem targeting or sensor analysis though. this is a niche thats definitely missing.

Mogai retrofit

this is a nice balanced destroyer type, below average turn, LTC sci, and still 3 eng stations. its got all the bases covered and looks good, especially with refit costume. i wouldnt change a thing, and the 4 sci consoles on the fleet version should make that LTC sci ability pretty fun to use.

D'deridex retrofit

well the station setup is a major improvement, its got the ambassador station setup now, but only 2 tac consoles. im not sure why there is an obsetion to give this ship bad qualities that the galaxy class has. it can have firepower comparable to the galaxy, thats fine, but in game the galaxy should not have the WORST damage dealing of any ship. and the d'deridex is cursed to be at about the same level. then i look at what the hapax got, and my first thought is they should swap consoles and stations. this ship is supposed top be a large predator, the station setup the Ha'apax has, the regent station setup, is a perfect fit for this established ship. the ha'apax is an open book, you guys can make it whatever you want. swap the consoles and stain setup between the ha'apax and d'deridex, and your close to perfect. except for that turn rate. YOU HAVE TO RAISE THE FLOOR ABOVE 5. 5 is totally absurd and the biggest disadvantage a ship can have. its the turn rate of a carrier, and i dont see any hanger bays. it might be a big ship, but its mostly hallow. the big old KDF carrier proboly has 5 times its volume. the d'deridex is a battelcruiser, battle cruisers have turn rates no worse then 9. positioning with battle cloak is one thing, but it would take nothing to move a ship out of its fireing arc as soon as it decloaks. the subspace jump thing puts you in a random place, not facing your enemy, and the singularity thing does the same. none of these things are even half adequate replacements for actual turn rate.


a new large ship design. given the fact that its not hollow, it likely has 2 or 3 times the volume the d'deridex has. a lower turn rate would thus make sense for this, like 6 to the d'deridex's 9, that it should have. this is a new ship, a clean slate, it can be whatever cryptic wants it to be. the ambassador station setup seems a better fit on such a large thing then the tactical heavy regent setup it has now, and that should go to the dederidex.

advanced Ha'apax

this is interesting reconfiguration. sorta breaks the rules though, of knowing what you will get based on what your looking at. casting at a 135 deg arc is handy, and clearly had this ship in mind, among others, but mid teen turn rates let a sci ship be effective. a sci tank in something like this would be plenty interesting, sci is as good at support and healing as eng, so this is a cool take on a sci based healer. it can separate too right? and i presume the non advanced ha'apax can use that console too, well maybe it can be a sci ship after all. this, with my proposed changes to the Dhealn, should cover the bases for the romulans nicely.

romulans will have T'varo and mogia as escorts at the opposite of the spectrum, Dhealn and adv Ha'apax as sci that are also at the opposite ends of the sci ship stat pool, and the d'deridex and Ha'apax to be cruisers, warbird style. that are gonna be hugely disappointing unless the turn rate floor that limits so many ships gets lifted up 1 to 3 more points, not just for these 2 ships but every slow turning cruiser.
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