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So I've been using my Vesta ( Aventine Tactical Variant and loving it I might add.

But I always come about 2nd or 3rd place in that fleet action with my Aventine, I have it set up as Full aux cannons IE Aux dps setup.

I got this crazy thought to try out my moth balled galaxy Retrofit, so I pulled it out of space dock loaded as a beam boat with a quantum in the front and a Tricobalt in the back the rest all dual beams in front and single beams on the back.

Only two tact abilities Beam Overload and High yield Torpedo.

So yea I Came first in the fleet action, i'm not sure if its based on dps but I couldn't believe it. (I joking said to myself I will make a touph galaxy class when I was fitting it out lol)

Just thought id share this weird experience as I know the Galaxy Retrofit is pretty much as weak as a Teir 5 ship gets.