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04-30-2013, 10:35 AM
Soooo ....

I've considered the replies, looked at a few other threads, abused work-time looking at STO Wiki and made copious notes. I've tinkered with the below build but not all the consoles are in place. She's doing well against Klingons, Terrans, and Gorn. But this is really trying to get into STFs as I prefer my Cruiser in solo play.

Check this out: Luna - Mirror DSSV

Fore Weapons (Aft Weapons same)
- Phased Tetryon Double Beam Bank x2
- Photon Torpedo

Aft Weapons
- Phased Tetryon Turret x3

Deflector/Impulse/Shields - Aegis

Engineering Consoles
- Tachyokinetic Converter
- Theta Radiation Vents
- Booster Module*

Science Consoles
- Field Generator
- Flow Capacitors
- Enhanced Plasma Manifold
- Particle Generator

Tactical Consoles
- Tetyron Pulse Generator x2

Lieutenant Tactical station
- Tactical Team I
- Attack Pattern: Delta I

Ensign Engineering station
- Em. Power to SIields I

Lieutenant Engineering station
- Em. Power to SIields I
- Direct Energy Modulation I

Lt. Commander Science station
- Science Team I
- Charged Particle Burst I
- Energy Siphon II

Commander Science station
- Polarize Hull I
- Hazard Emitters II
- Tachyon Beam III
- Gravity Well III

* Maybe Graviton Pulse Generator

A note on build theory: I chose the Mirror because I prefer this style of ship but the two Tac BOffs in the "prime" version is unappealing to me as I think I can get more bang-for-buck with thesecond Engineering Boff. Besides,, I had it in storage when it dropped in a LB!

I stuck with Tetyron because I like blue . Really because I saw a perceptible difference (not amazing) but one that mattered to me. From my point of view, I'm banking on other teammates to be packing Disruptors, so if I can contribute a shield stripper proc, then it may help out with the BOff abilities use. I went with Phased because of the extra proc.

On consoles, I looked at the Science abilities being used and picked the Sci onsoles that boosted those abilities. Yet, the Enhaced Plasma Manifold is a neat choice to me as it not only repairs but provides a boost to Aux! I dunno, it's still fluid.

*As for the Booster Module, I'm considering switchng out for a Graviton Pulse Generator 1) because I have it , 2) it's another attack that affects movement - moot for cubes but what about Spheres?

So, how about them apples?
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