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04-30-2013, 11:29 AM
I can definitely agree there. The tachio graviton bonus is pretty well wasted on an escort, unless you are running an MMAM with grav well 1... which is definitely useful in an stf for the crowd control if you don't mind the lower turn rate. It's also a fairly expensive console to get considering it can only be acuired through opening lock boxes and collecting lobi crystals. So it is either farming several million e creds to buy keys, or spending real money to get them. Though I suppose it is a small compensation that in the process you may open up something worthwhile as a nice little bonus.

And yeah, for raw DPS being generated solely through weapons fire, you can't get much better than a character with the accuracy trait, and running anti proton [crtH]x3 with all of those consoles. +10% accuracy, 30%(or more) additional crit damage, and with tac buffs it can reach 15%-18% crit chance (I can't remember off the top of my head). Translated that means every cannon burst has an incredible chance to get at least one critical damage ht in at +80% damage, and more often will have multiple crits per volley.

And that is before the additional bonuses of things like attack pattern beta stacking for up to 200% -base- damage if the whole team is using it.

As a practical example, using five attack pattern beta's in a mixed team of engi, tac, and sci, will still wipe out an elite tac cube in less than 30 seconds of concentrated fire.
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