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Originally Posted by hasukurobi View Post
Aaactually... I believe you are in error. While all ship produced attacks (Like Lances and the Lotus) are based on your ship's consoles and your personal skills with weapons Pets work off of their own skills and stats and you cannot really make them better without casting buffs onto them.

Unless that has recently changed that is the way one of the Devs had previously explained it to me in a thread quite some time ago when I was inquiring about the MVAM Vectors.
This was my understanding too, although I've heard both stories. From my initial understanding, however, player-produced effect (damage, buffs, etc.) are effected by consoles, but effects from pets spawned by players are not.

Now I may need to rummage through the Dev Tracker to find a definitive answer, but if anyone has a link to this supposed post, or any empyrical evidence to support one theory or another, please let me know.

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