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Further information about the Gorn can be found here.

Originally Posted by redsnake721 View Post
Gorn are born from specialized eggs that belong to the different castes of Gorn society. Among the hardest to produce eggs were those of the military branches as their biology required specific environmental factors that were very hard to find naturally.
There is some controversy about this. This information comes from the Titan / Typhon Pact novel "Seize the Fire" which contradicts several other soft-canon sources with regards to the nature of the Gorn and their culture. (It also refers to Gorn warriors as being "unwilling to compromise" which violates both on-screen canon appearances.)

This particular issue with the specialized eggs for each caste and the contributing environmental factors stems from the idea of a warrior/soldier "hatchery world" (which is central to the book's plot) which simply doesn't jive with previously established concepts of the Gorn family structure.

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