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04-30-2013, 12:48 PM
Actually over 140 CE runs over 10 types of captain and ship combinations, I think the Mirror Vo'Quv might actually be the best ship for the mission, better than even the Recluse or Kar'fi. Load it with 4 beam arrays, the KCB, and a Hargh'peng (yes really), pop FAW once per Tholian wave to ensure you get points for 'helping' to kill them, and otherwise focus on the CE. With a Gravity Well, the 'Peng damages not only the CE but also any shards you snare when it explodes, the extra engineering stations let you heal your teammates just shy of being a full cruiser, and your BoPs have both THY and the durability to survive in a FAW-rich environment. Its funny how things can work out to make 'lesser' ships shine sometimes.