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* Republic homeworld in the Alternate timeline Earth... The President's office... Hours before.*

Aide: Madam President

Your Husband and daughter left you this message from their current position... From reports from their computers they encountered a mysterious disturbance.
Sam: Thank you.

*She takes the PADD and nods to her Aide to leave. After the Aide leaves, she skims the PADD, paying close attention to the words "trans-dimensional incursion".*


The last thing the Republic needs is to tick off another reality.

*She presses a control on her terminal.*

Can you have Fleet Admiral Prescott report to my Office?

Aide: Yes ma'am.

Sam: Thank you Carol.

*She releases the panel and goes back to the surveillance report on the Empire, noting the apparent military build-up.

The "Cold War" with the Empire and Dominion had been going on for upwards of 50 years, ever since they found the Gateway to the Virgo Galaxy. The Dominion had been very quiet in recent years, but the Empire has been escalating. Starfleet is at high alert with ships patrolling every sector along the border.

Suddenly, a reminder on her omni-tool sounds, and she taps it to bring up the holo-interface, reminding her of an appointment with the Iconian Ambassador in 10 minutes.

Sam sighs and goes back to work.*

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