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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
That is really concerning to me, especially because my current issue involves billing problems and the loss of my subscription. Theoretically, even though I am trying to resolve and maintain a Gold account, I am considered a Silver account at the moment.

The whole issue with staff being tied up on LoR is also concerning. STO (and other PWE games) is an active product and needs proper support and maintenance, if they want current STO staff working on LoR, they need to bring in an adequate number and quality of staff to support this active product, not leave it to twist in the wind.
This is 100% false. Not EVERYONE works on everything. Example - Brandon's the Community Manager and while yes he does help write blogs, take screenshots and I'm sure has had some little input on how things are done, ultimately he's not coding STO nor doing 3d animation etc.

The GM/Support team that handles things handles all tickets in the order they get them. Billing ones do get handled (I know I've had a few hehe) it just takes time and patience
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