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Ooc: got to post this before I go though.


Harper sits on the bridge of his ship looking over te report from the prowler.

Harper : have the 18th battle fleet form up on us. We are moving to the gate and are goig to keep it under heavy patrol.

Commander Hayes : helm set course do the gate way. Maintane yellow alert.

Harper: I'll be in my ready room.

Harper walks off the bridge and sits back down behind his desk after pouring himself a drink. He could order the prowler to send ONI units onto the ship but decides against it. While he wants to end this Cold War he can't decide how he want to end it.

Harper: computer raise me the republic president. I want to ask her about the temporal anomaly.

Occ: ok goig to work will be back in a few hours.
*Sam hears the comm channel open after having spoken with the Iconian Ambassador and having a Science ship sent to rendezvous with the Freedom. She taps the "recieve" button and straightens up as she sees Admiral Terrace appear on the screen.*

Sam: Admiral Terrace.
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