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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Fore Weapons (Aft Weapons same)
- Phased Tetryon Double Beam Bank x2

Aft Weapons
- Phased Tetryon Turret x3
I read your build disclaimer and I understand what you're saying, but Tetryon proc is still useless.

Deflector/Impulse/Shields - Aegis
The Jem'Hadar set is a better set for a control sci. It gives boost to graviton, weapon power, and ship handling. It also works well with polarons and the 3-piece set bonus gives the "anti-proton sweep" shield-stripper feature. That is the combo I am using on my Mirror DSSV

Science Consoles
- Field Generator
- Flow Capacitors
- Enhanced Plasma Manifold
- Particle Generator
You should do the omega grinding for 2-3 days and get the borg console, it will replace the graviton generator and add more weapon power and a couple of other benes.

Lieutenant Engineering station
- Em. Power to SIields I
- Direct Energy Modulation I
DEM is not very helpful with beams, and the turrets aren't doing enough damage for the small amount of pass-through to be helpful. Emergency Power to Weapons II would probably give more damage, but possible changes to EPtX on Tribble make it a wait-and-see. Emergency Power to AUX II would be good too, and you dont need it on full rotation with a sci--just charge up the AUX before you do a grav well. Engineering Team II or Aux-to-SIF I would give some hull repairs.

A note on build theory: I chose the Mirror because I prefer this style of ship but the two Tac BOffs in the "prime" version is unappealing to me as I think I can get more bang-for-buck with thesecond Engineering Boff.
I agree with you, I would rather have EPtS in rotation than TT in rotation, although that might change.