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# 421 Being Flagged as a spammer
04-30-2013, 02:45 PM
yes once again someone has gotten me silence or your system needs a over haul and or you need to remove the silence system completely and have actual people doing the work instead of a machince because people have tendancy to falsly report others for next to nothing, like for instance today I posted a anti proton mag because someone asked to see 1 , SO I posted it 1 time and 1 time only and next thing you know I get flagged as spammer WHICH IS WRONG and violates my freedom of speech right because your chat system bans me on every channel, so either you need to fix it where it doesn't ban you on every channel and violate my rights to talk, or remove the silence system all together, either fix it or get rid of it because I haven't paid you all money to play this game for nothing and this is not a flame or troll or any of that this is fact

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