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04-30-2013, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
Personally, I run my Kumari with the Andorian Phasers (and will be upgrading to the Fleet versions of them promptly). A lot of people will tell you that phasers aren't optimal for PvE, and they're right, but the difference in damage is incredibly minimal, and using phasers lets you strap the wing cannons and the consoles back on, which can be a boon. I'd recommend trying it - I like flying my Kumari that way, and it's certainly a solid enough setup.
heard the same thing about plasma, and how the DOT isn't that good as its damage is minimal.
The 2 phaser DHC's I picked up so far have the same damage as my plasma ones, but if I throw in the wing cannons in the estimate the damage output probably would be higher in the end. As I'm now broke I will have to wait a bit to get 2 more consoles, and another DHC to try it out.