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Originally Posted by thunderfoot006 View Post
It is indeed frustrating to PUG an ESTF some days. Well, lately, most days. I have seen people do things which are silly, pointless and downright abysmally ignorant.

However, as one those 'Let's pull aggro and blast everything in sight!' TAC Captains, I'd like to present an alternate viewpoint.

Scene: Khitomer Elite PUG.
Cast: An MU Vo'Quv w/Advanced Slavers (An odd choice but it worked well enough)
An Amby Refit Beamboat(Phasers) with shields which seemed impenetrable
An Oddy SkittlesBoat
A Vesta Beamboat which may have achieved 1K DPS once or twice.
Myself - A TAC in an MU Qin Raptor which I have spent entirely too much time, Dilithium and EC on.
Trying to max out Alpha Strike damage as well as maneuverability in.

So, Carrier Guy and Amby Pilot get a good jump on the Tac Cube and proceed to rip the shields clean off two sides at once. I am right behind them, adding to the mayhem where I can. The Oddy and the Vesta sashay up just as Amby Pilot gets the killshot on the Cube. "Great" I says to myself. "A three man team handicapped by a pair of palookas to take on Donatra. Oh yeah, this is gonna end well."

Since my Qin can turn on a dime but is still somewhat squishy, I typed into Chat that I was volunteering for Probe Duty. I can hit pretty hard when I Alpha Strike but my followup attack is not as good as I like. After an Alpha Strike, I can make faces at a Cube to draw its attention, but this always earns me a trip to Respawnville about a nanosecond later. Amby Pilot and Carrier Guy both acknowledged this and typed in they were going left and right respectively. The Palooka Brothers were typically silent.

So I am watching Carrier Guy tear up a gen set and a transformer. It was beautiful. He had an impeccable sense of timing and was doing well. Amby Pilot was not doing as well but the difference in talent level was small enough you had to really look for it to see it. Then, it happened. Both of them got the InvisTorp OneShot. Nearly at the same time. The Oddy Steerer(Nope, I did not mispronounce it) is close to Amby Pilot. Amby Pilot breaks off and ducks behind the Oddy to heal. The Oddy begins the Disco Light show he calls, "Pew-pew-pewing Da Bad Guys" and actually does enough damage long enough for Amby Pilot to heal up and return to the fight. Whew! That was close.

Meanwhile, Carrier Guy is in a world of hurt. And the Cube is tracking him. I finish off a wave of Probes and I am genuinely torn. Do I stay on station and save the Optional? Do I move off station and risk losing a Probe to keep Carrier Guy in the fight? Can I pull enough Aggro on the Cube to get it off Carrier Guy long enough for him to heal and return to the battle? And where the heck did that Vesta get off to?

I chose to go off station to try and pull the Cube off of Carrier Guy. He was close enough and my Qin is fast enough, I should be able to get back just in time to intercept a Probe before it enters the Vortex. Granted, It will be about 0.5km from the Vortex when I kill it, but I only need just a tiny bit of luck. Besides I've done this before and it worked out fine. So I aggro the Cube and knock it down by half. Carrier Guy got all healed up and back in the fight. All in all, a good day's work for a TAC in an Escort, IMHO.

To conclude: None of the Probes got through while I was away. And we got the Optional after all. More due to luck than design, but some days it is better to be lucky than good.
You sir had me smiling the entire time I read this. You are going to be a great story teller when you get old, sitting in a rocking chair and babbling on.
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