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04-30-2013, 07:37 PM
Purchased and cannot wait. Also the EU price varrible is VAT(Value Added Tax), which is 20% in the UK does say above but noticed a few people moaning and I myself also did moan at first untill i remebered. My taxes ain't so bad i'll live also paypal was bing a git with doing its own translation of Euros to pounds so I optioned to let my bank worry about that and saved ?6ish.

My only question is with the Remans being unlockable in game with the New Romulus reputation(which my main has done already) will there be anything else added like more clothes options for people who bought the Legacy pack, not exclusive to us as thats just as easily just put into the pack(of which there are varrious clothes options already). Just lwondering detailes of these new incentives that are being added along with the unlockable playable race. And what do we get to kind of balance the Omega rep grind freed borg bridge officers of races like Andorians or Gorn??? That'd be cool - just saying

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