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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Its a faction ship, moment it goes Lock Box they are admitting the Romulans are not a faction or that faction ships can get lock box.

Also its absurd to go about the Cascading Biogenic Pulse since it have a huge startup time, make the ship immobile, its telegraphs it area of attack and of course, it can always be toned down to be in line with other "power" like the Phaser Lance or Isometric Charge.

Its only a issue for NPCs that likely will just not evade it on purpose but that goes both ways, if they leave the AoE its not as if you could actually move.

The lockbox is a faction lockbox. And I think the Romulans stopped being a faction the moment it was decided that they would ally with either the Feds or the KDF. Also, I dont think the Romulan Republic has been seen operating Scimitars.

The difference between the NPC and PC versons of the phaser lance/isometric charge is that the NPC versions arent one shot kills... the thalaron weapon is. I dont see a weapon of that magnitude (or even half that magnitude) being available on the CStore at all.