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Also, I dont think the Romulan Republic has been seen operating Scimitars.
The azure nebula you are rescuing ships for the romulan republic. Those scimitars are the romulan republic's scimitars.

The difference between the NPC and PC versons of the phaser lance/isometric charge is that the NPC versions arent one shot kills... the thalaron weapon is. I dont see a weapon of that magnitude (or even half that magnitude) being available on the CStore at all.
Umm Cryptic would do it. The wing cannon overload console is a 1 shot and hits multiple targets. It also depends on the players you are facing but I've alpha'd the wing cannon overload on the kumari and killed 2 players with one hit. Overload can get 30k-121k damage the 121k was crit. And the Tholaron blast in Khitomer killed me with a 108k damage. So the Wing cannon overload is stronger than tholaron blast and it doesn't lock you into not moving. Though you can't use buffs while it is charging which is why you pre buff then use it.

Stahl has said the scimitar ship is reserved for romulan faction so I doubt it is in lockbox. Plus the missions we've seen have only been 1-21 content for Romulan faction and later content that gets farther along in the timeline we may have story missions that show scimitars in direct use. Also the fleet reinforcements from embassy it allows you to summon a romulan republic scimitar to help in fleet actions.

You can usually escape the tholaron blast except when it instant fires instead of regular charging up it's supposed to do. Which cryptic will most likely make sure player version doesn't do that. So long charge up time where you can't use any buffs and move, and you have 0 defense from not moving. Escorts can run around and shoot ya in the butt. Plus npc versions of the ship have poor turn rate and so Scimitar will probably be 2 turn rate. Which will require a ton of rcs consoles.

You'd be more likely to kill another player with the wing cannon overload console than the tholaron blast. We want this help build support!

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