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04-30-2013, 09:04 PM
Romulans ally with either FED or KDF, they open lockbox, boom, instant Scimitar.

The main difference, is that there's a possibility of an actual FED or KDF Captain, piloting a Scimitar, rather than a Romulan or Reman Captain.
CBS said no to letting feds and kdf pilot romulan ships, but yes with romulans piloting their allies's ships. So no if feds and kdf were going to get access they would've, but they didn't so no.

The scimitar will be a 3 pack for romulan faction only.

But no, I do not believe the Scimitar will be a lockbox ship. All lockbox ships so far, have been either faction neutral, or have a faction-specific equivalent depending on who opens the box (Temporal ships).
Yeah faction neutral so if there is a talshiar lockbox it isn't part of the romulan republic faction or fed faction or kdf faction. So technically a Talshiar box could happen if it gives us Tal Shiar only ships or their allies the elachi. Those ships look nice. Still want that Tal Shiar ship from the Mind Game mission (^_^) We want this help build support!