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04-30-2013, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by silversera View Post
Are you insane?? the console layout on the fleet mogai is perfect, with a sci captain the fleet mogai will be both versatile and absolutly terrifying, why the hell would anyone want to kill the joy of flying that ship by puting more engi console on it?

Not only will it butcher the synergy with the Ltcmdr slot but it will also butcher the synergy with the valdore console that's all about leeching shield to heal your own , you again butcher the synergy with the retrofit console that's all about exotic damage (have fun boosting that with engineering console) and it would also also butcher the synergy with quantum shield singularity. Have you ever thought about what you were asking for a minute?

How would any gamer who understand the the most basics of sto combat could ever ask to remove the sci console and replace them with console slots that are only remotly usefull once you're shield are gone?

I got news for you kiddo if you let your shields go down in a mogai then you've failled at Mogai 101

Listen to me cryptic DO NOT CHANGE THE FLEET MOGAI it's one of the very few ship with some teeth that's actually designed with a science captain in mind, don't throw this little gem away.
Its seems that the ship is all over the place as to what it is trying to be, however 4 science consoles on a not-really-a-science-ship is a bit wonky. I too would prefer 4 tac 3 eng and 3 sci.

Right now, there are too many gaps in ship loadouts, as in not enough ships to fill the roles. It seems they are trying to make these ships jack of all trades ships, which makes them all less effective overall. There really is no full science ship, dedicated engineer cruiser (but lets face it, they are obsolete anyway) or a tac cruiser. The only thing that seems to be in place is a tac escort (surprise surprise).

Oh and I also have news for you, kiddo. If you are relying on field gens to keep your shields up, then you fail at STO 101.