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# 1 Assimilated from the neck up?
04-30-2013, 11:00 PM
Every so often this comes up (usually by me) and with the new promo image on the blog for Legacy of Romulus dev blog 11, it seems like just as good a time as any.

What's up with everything ending at the neck like that? It's weird and looks really hokey. Granted in the first few months it made sense, but now all this time later why is it that there is no updated look or completion of old art assets? With how much money was spent on open uniforms and all that when will we finally see that horrible differentiation between head and body disappear?

It looks very awkward indeed so i was really surprised when it ended up on the front page. I think with a lot of the additions to this game since launch that they should go back and redo this issue so that the Alien Generation can finally get rid of that line. God knows the Cardassians, the Borg, the Jem'Hadar, and even the trill can finally get rid of that line.