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04-30-2013, 11:41 PM
Originally Posted by cha0s1428 View Post
The same designer that introduced the EPtX changes that has made them obsolete, and then confirmed that he didn't know how they worked to begin with?

Yeah......not quite willing to take him at his word
Now that was rude! I wasn't speaking about his acolyte. I'm sure he tries his best, and well, we all do mistakes sometimes. Who never did some stupid thing at work, throw the stone first. It's sad he eats so much flak, but quite frankly thats part of the job. I hope he won't have any permanent trauma from this release, that would be baaad customers are sometimes such bitc..

I was speaking about the one, who tries to balance the "obsolete heavy engineering ships" with giving them even more useless tanking potential! in a game where tanking is not needed.