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Originally Posted by sander233 View Post
You should no better than to link an image directly from ex astris scientia.

And yes, our, in-game map is hopelessly inaccurate. (Earth, Andor, Vulcan and other core Federation worlds are all in the Beta Quadrant? Really?)
Yes really, as that is where they are.

now its difficult to get an 100% accurate map as its mostly cobbled together from the shows but all the maps I have ever seen that are official or close to it put Earth on the border of the Alpha an Beta quadrant, and vulcan and andoria just inside the beta quadrant but the bulk of it is in the alpha quadrant.

the problem stems from DS9 and Voy. They did not want to confuse things for the audience so they basically only used the term alpha quadrant, no matter who was talking about it.

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