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# 12 My own Romulan themed build
05-01-2013, 12:42 AM
I like the idea behind this build. Awhile ago I made my own Romulan Themed build, using a Fleet Defiant (I wanted something that could cloak) and it kicks major butt for PvE. Here's the build.

Fleet Defiant

Full Mk XII Purple Romulan Space Set

Fore: 2x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII [Acc] [Dmg], Experimental Romulan Beam Array, Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher

Aft: 3x Romulan Plasma Beam Array Mk XII [Acc] [Dmg]

Engineering Consoles: Borg Console, Zero-Point Energy Conduit, Tachyokinetic Converter

Science Console: 2x Emitter Array [-Th] [Pla]

Tactical: 5x Plasma Infuser Mk XI

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Shields Battery

The skills I usually run are AP:O3, B:OL3, B:FAW2, Tac Team 1, Tac Team 2, Torp HY3, some limited healing like Hazards 1, Eng Team 1. EPtW is a must too.

I usually squeeze out about 6500 dps in ISEs with this build. But above all, it's incredibly fun to fly. I had the Defiant cloaking console in there, but with the T5 rep power that cloaks, I replaced it with a better console.
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