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05-01-2013, 02:41 AM
Vox you know where the love is....

*it's cough* in my private dungeon with the studded walls and the leather clad romulans, with the whips and lashes.

You can always, always bring me cookies in there....

As for not worrying about crushing you, you are a ruddy great hokey player, I douby my 5ft 2 inch frame is gonna make much of a dent in you!!

As for SSO Fleet, yes we aren't what you are looking for if you want huge progression straight off the bat, a fleet thats run very rigidly or with tons of admin, red tape and rules.

We are old school, bringing sexy back to fleets....

Members and a GM, one rule based on your commonsense, and no mandatory rules and regulations. your playtime YOUR choice.

We are here for what fleets and guilds were always supposed to be, a place to make new friends, and hang with others while you play...

do we sound like your bag....then give us a try, heck even chat to any of us in game, we are really freindly!