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05-01-2013, 01:42 AM
sci: [12/42= 28.57%
eng: [14/42= 33.33%
tac: [16/42= 38.09%

Interesting update on purple drop rates and how they don't seem to follow the above percentages like you would think they should.

Purples out of Total consoles made: 532/2090=25.4545%
Then specified type of purple consoles below:
Sci: 137/2090= 6.5550%
Eng: 213/2090= 10.1913%
Tac: 182/2090= 8.7081%

Taking the percentage of Purples per type out of total purple percentage:
Sci: 6.5550/25.4545= 25.7518% [12/42= 28.5714%] Difference: -2.8196
Eng: 10.1913/25.4545= 40.0373% [14/42= 33.3333%] Difference: 6.704
Tac: 8.7081/25.4545= 34.2104% [16/42= 38.0952%] Difference: -3.8848

Any math wizards out there can tell me if this is normal or to be expected? It seems engineering consoles drop with the expected tac drop rate for purple consoles.

There are 14 engineering consoles so when making a console you should have 33.3333% chance it is engineering. There are 16 tactical consoles you can make which give you a 38.0952% chance of getting a tactical console.

Total of each type of console made so far:
Sci: 609/2090= 29.1387% [12/42= 28.5714%] Difference: .5673
Eng: 732/2090= 35.0239% [14/42= 33.3333%] Difference: 1.6906
Tac: 749/2090= 35.8373% [16/42= 38.0952%] Difference: -2.2579

So after 2090 consoles it seems to be something is wrong with the distribution of Eng and Tac consoles. What is the usual percentage of acceptable variance of distribution? Science seems to be within 1%, but eng and tack are over that...

Should the eng and tac consoles have near the same drop percentage when there is more tactical consoles than eng consoles? Should Eng consoles have a higher amount of purple compared to tac consoles?

Look at it 732-749= 17 console difference! Take the two console difference of prossibilities out of 42. (16 tac-14 eng= 2)
2/42= 4.7619%
Lets take that percentage and times it against 2090.

Therefore there should be 99.52371 difference between engineering and tac consoles. But we have 17 console difference... We want this help build support!