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05-01-2013, 04:54 AM
Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
I guess a sensor & stealth focused B'rel torpedo build will one-hit wanna be Romulans while stealth. Could be funny. However, quite bad in PvE.
Yeah, I already have a B'rel and it's much fun in PvP, but that's on another char. It's not that viable in PvE and for this char I was talking about I was looking for a ship that can work for both, cause I'd like to participate in all aspects without having to respec 1000 times.

Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
A non-torpedo boat BOP works fairly well in most PvE. I have used them before without much issue. You generally able to kill them faster than they can kill you. The only exception might be the STF's I have never taken a BOP into them, but the Battlecloak, provided you don't get hit with a Borg plasma when cloaking might work alright. Might be best to try it out on another established character first with one of the free BOP's (provided you haven't claimed a General ship token yet).
I like cruisers, therefore so far I haven't really tried STFs with BoP, I went through them with humongous battleships like the Bortasqu' and Negh'var and also found out that the Mirror Qin is quite amazing in PvE and her performance is actually quite nice in PvP as well.
Anyway, I'll take your idea. I have a Hegh'ta on the char. I'm talikg about and I'll take her for a spin to see how it goes. After all, if it goes well, the Ning'tao can only be an improvement to that.