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# 1 How many?
05-01-2013, 04:44 AM
PWE and STO account have been recently hacked?

I am careful, my OS, anti-virus, firewall & anti-malware software is all up to date.
I do not share passwords or give out my details to others.

Yet to today my STO account got hacked.

First sign was an email from PWE saying my email address for my account, had been changed at "my" request.

This was at 8:54am GMT, I swiftly reacted and despite getting control of my account back at 9:17am GMT. 3 of my 4 characters had been stripped of all EC, refined dilithium, my account bank emptied of EC and all the saved ZEN I had was gone.

I literally interrupted the guy in the act, as I was checking what had gone, I was de-friended by "@*******", an account handle I do not know.

I had saved over 60million EC up for a Tholian Recluse Carrier or Jem'Hadar
Dreadnought, still had not made my mind over which to go for.

I had over 7000 ZEN saved for when 'Legacy of Romulas' came out to buy a few ships.

my refined dilithium was bening saved for buying fleet ship and equipment.

ALL THIS now gone, and so is my enthusiasm for playing STO.

EDIT account handle removed, since suspicion not proof.