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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
The lockbox is a faction lockbox.
No, even the Temporal Lock Box was not a faction Lock Box.
We never had a D'deridex on a lock box despite the many requests because it would be a faction ship put on a lock box.

And I think the Romulans stopped being a faction the moment it was decided that they would ally with either the Feds or the KDF.
I dont want to go into that because we have gone into that before.

Also, I dont think the Romulan Republic has been seen operating Scimitars.
Azure rescue.

The difference between the NPC and PC versons of the phaser lance/isometric charge is that the NPC versions arent one shot kills... the thalaron weapon is. I dont see a weapon of that magnitude (or even half that magnitude) being available on the CStore at all.
Are you kidding me? I was oneshooted by a isometric charge once ... sure a NPC one but that happens, there is little defense because they dont telegraph their attack .

The Cascading Biogenic Pulse does, also damage can be reduced compared with the NPC version.