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05-01-2013, 05:33 AM
Mission - Enemy Action: Im allied to the Federation and the text after complting the mission from Commander Tal'Mera says "K'men reports that the Klingon forces were successful in their ruse" Surely it was Federation forces, no Klingons were helping me.


Mission - Sleepers: Was really hard to find the first pirate after the cube. Currently flying about the entire area trying to spot the second. Maybe spawn them closer to the cube or something? Unless im just blind.

edit - Ok restared the mission and found both pirates this time but it took a while, one was in the middle of the map. Id still say maybe move them closer to the asteroids.

Inside the cube now, friendly npc pathing seems to be having alot of issues with the npcs running into and getting stuck on walls and other objects. I just did the last bit defending the npc with him no where near the data point thing, with him stuck on an alcove so didnt have to kill a single Borg.

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