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Thank you for the continued feedback

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
I read your build disclaimer and I understand what you're saying, but Tetryon proc is still useless.
How? From my understanding (so i'm asking for clarity) the proc chance is the same across all regular space weapons so what makes Tetryon so "bad"? Or what makes another choice better?

The Jem'Hadar set is a better set for a control sci. It gives boost to graviton, weapon power, and ship handling. It also works well with polarons and the 3-piece set bonus gives the "anti-proton sweep" shield-stripper feature. That is the combo I am using on my Mirror DSSV
I checked Wiki on this and the JH set will be an upgrade once I get to that mission series

You should do the omega grinding for 2-3 days and get the borg console, it will replace the graviton generator and add more weapon power and a couple of other benes.
I'm absolutely sure what's in the Reputation store is hands-down better. But all of it is out of reach in the short term. Unfortunately for me, I simply can't play the game enough to grind anything. So "2-3 days" is about 2-3 months if not longer for me So I'm looking for a build that will work in the short term. Trust me, I salivate looking at the items from the Rep store!

DEM is not very helpful with beams, and the turrets aren't doing enough damage for the small amount of pass-through to be helpful.

Emergency Power to Weapons II would probably give more damage, but possible changes to EPtX on Tribble make it a wait-and-see. Emergency Power to AUX II would be good too, and you dont need it on full rotation with a sci--just charge up the AUX before you do a grav well. Engineering Team II or Aux-to-SIF I would give some hull repairs.
I don't plan to tank - heck, I'd rather avoid the possibility. But I'm getting the impression I ... should?

Thank you all for the feedback!
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