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I'd have a gander that bberge is right. After all, the 2009 uniforms are in the code, but not in the actual game.

I have to partially agree with you on that. It IS possible that Cryptic had to "re-invent" the uniform in question into the Sierra 1 uniform (which, btw, I really don't mind how it looks atm). However, I think they wanted to give us enough unliscenced uniforms that new players, who have no access to a credit card (and thereby can't get zen very easily), to create a character who has SOME resemblance of being a Starfleet, Klingon, or, as of May 21st, Romulan officer WITHOUT having to pay money for them. However, they ALSO have a nice selection of Canon uniforms from the different series and films, that have been made over the years (such as the TOS uniforms, Wrath of Khan and Subsequent Search for Spock uniform, TNG season 1, TNG Series, TNG Admiral, and DS9 uniform), available to purchase in the C-Store! It is very much possible that STO writers do NOT want to make the uniform in question available to us simply because another uniform (Sierra 1) already looks close enough to the one in question. Also, keep in mind that a comic rendition of a uniform WILL look radically different when produced in a game or film! It is unavoidable!