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Mission - Enemy Action: Im allied to the Federation and the text after complting the mission from Commander Tal'Mera says "K'men reports that the Klingon forces were successful in their ruse" Surely it was Federation forces, no Klingons were helping me.

Mission - Sleepers: Inside the cube now, friendly npc pathing seems to be having alot of issues with the npcs running into and getting stuck on walls and other objects. I just did the last bit defending the npc with him no where near the data point thing, with him stuck on an alcove so didnt have to kill a single Borg.
Noticed both of these as well. Though I will say I don't find the Borg cube bits of "Sleepers" particularly engaging. The Borg waking up, and stating their intentions, doesn't quite jive with what we've seen inside the cube up to that point.

If the heart of the cube has been "cut out", how can the Borg drones on board still be operating as if they're still connected to the Collective? With the vinculum gone that would be an extremely unlikely occurrence, as the drones would be more "disconnected" and have no focus.

I'd think a better resolution to the mission would be, that you learn that the condition of the Borg cube has been relayed via the central plexus to nearby Borg vessels, and that they're on their way now to retrieve and repair their disabled ship. Rather than you beaming back to your ship and the Borg cube attacking, you and your allies must quickly cause more crippling damage to the cube, and warp out before the Borg reinforcements can reach your position.

This would delay the Borg's rescue mission, because they'd need to spend more time repairing the damaged cube, and give your ships time to flee the area without fear of being pursued by the Borg ships entering the area.
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