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From my understanding (so i'm asking for clarity) the proc chance is the same across all regular space weapons so what makes Tetryon so "bad"? Or what makes another choice better?
The proc rate is the same but the proc itself is useless except in specific situations. It takes ~350 shield from each facing, but an energy weapon that does 500 HP does more damage to the shield than that (90% of 500 is 450). The only time it matters at all is when the target has a massive amount of shields, and at that point you are basically applying your ~350 bonus against a pool of ~9000+ and it doesnt make a dent. It can be useful when you are able to get your proc rate very high, and then you are able to shut down the shields on a very large target, but that is pretty much it. Most of the other procs are just a lot more funcitonal for getting damage to the hull, eg polarized disruptors that drain power and reduce resistance, or phased polarons that drain power and randomly shut down subsystems, even plasma fire will do more shield damage.

I'm absolutely sure what's in the Reputation store is hands-down better. But all of it is out of reach in the short term. Unfortunately for me, I simply can't play the game enough to grind anything. So "2-3 days" is about 2-3 months if not longer for me
The console is tier-1. Honestly it takes no time at all to reach tier-1. You get 2800 rep points per day for turning in a few commodities, and tier-1 rep comes at 5000 rep points. It is literally click some buttons, then wait a day, do it again, and the reward item is available for purchase. You need some omega marks from the STFs and EXP, EC, and dilithium for the process, but it is no challenge at all.

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